Job Detail

Halloween campaign for space rental

  • Job Duration01 to 03 days
  • Project LevelLow Budget
  • Project deadlineExpired

Project detail

This will be a space rental Halloween special campaign, where you will visit the space, have fun and taking instagram stories, photos or do live videos, just enjoy how would you enjoy being around your friends, but remember to mention/tag us in the photos or videos.


  • Paid: You can only use the space for 30 minutes and post videos, stories or photos
  • Space: You are able to bring in 20 people and have fun in the space for 3 hours. Posting is also required.

The space we will provide is located in Kepong Baru (near damansara), it is a commercial shoplot that you will not be able to overnight. You can bring your friends & family to have gathering in the space (20pax), where you can enjoy:

  • Halloween decorations & photobooth
  • indoor BBQ / grilling (great for meat lovers)
  • steamboat
  • Watching movies on projector (using your phone or laptop)
  • Mahjong/poker and other board games
  • play ps4 (FiFa & Overcooked), please bring your own games if you want to play others
  • Karaoke + 2 mics
  • Drinks and food (water is provided, but please bring your own food as no food will be provided)

The space is a private space that you can enjoy without disturbance and dont need to worry about neighbour complaint, but please clean up your trash, wash the things you’ve used and return the items to its original position before leaving. No deep cleaning required.


Point to promote:

  1. we are like airbnb, but book a space for meeting, party, photoshoot and more
  2. place to chill with friend, cheaper and bigger than private room in cafe & bar
  3. owner can also list their own house for few hours (but people dont overnight)
  4. can book a space at

Industry Categories

Freelancer type required for this project

Project Completion deadline

December 26, 2020