Micro Influencer Vs Mega Influencer

Micro Influencer Vs Mega Influencer

Nano and Micro Influencer Vs Mega Influencer

Our founder Mr Homam Alghorani made a poll on LinkedIn to survey the business professionals opinion about nano and micro influencers vs mega influencers when it come to engagement and conversion.

Linkedin poll about Nano and Micro influencers Vs Mega influencers

The poll run for couple of days and it was viewed by over 5,000 people and voted by 82 votes, The result was 72% believe Nano and micro influencers have better engagement and conversion rate compared to the famous mega influencers.

In case you are not aware of the influencer categories it’s usually like this nano influencers (1k+ followers), micro influencers (10k+ followers), macro influencers (100k+ followers) to mega influncers with(500k+ followers).

The result is not surprising as it’s already known that nano and micro influencers are easier to work with, they are more cost effective and they tend to engage more with their audience and they work harder.

Here are some interesting comments on the poll

Homam Alghorani

Homam Alghorani

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