Majority of businesses are pro Influencer Marketing

Majority of businesses are pro Influencer Marketing

Majority of businesses are pro Influencer Marketing

Our founder Mr Homam Alghorani made a poll on LinkedIn to survey if businesses are using influencer marketing, planning to use it or against influencer marketing.

The poll results which run for a week and had more than 42 participants concluded that 62% of businesses are either using influencer marketing already or planning to use it while 38% only are not going to use influencer marketing.

Some comments in the post mentioned that majority of marketing agencies are not using influencer marketing in the right way or in full capacity and often they just look after the number of followers of the influencer rather than the audience quality, interests and target market.

One amazing comment by Mr Benjamin Lim said:

“Influencer marketing is great! But you gotta choose the right influencer for the right product. Most ‘influencers’ these days have their entire social media feed looking like a chaotic billboard rather than delivering actual quality content to their followers. Most of the time the influencer overshadows the product as well. If you choose an influencer, their niche/audience- and I cannot stress this enough- HAS to be aligned with how you’re positioning your brand It would be weird if Marques Brownlee reviewed towels and health snacks instead of technology wouldn’t it 🤔”

Then he continues replying to Mr Homam comments back saying:

Homam Alghorani most agencies go for quantity rather than quality. I guess the logic and rational behind that are discussions that go like ‘if they have X followers, we can profit and recover cost if we hopefully convert x% of their engagement into sales’ When in reality it should really be ‘they have X followers of a very specific niche, our product fits their niche, it’s better for our branding’ Decisions are made differently when data and analytics comes into the picture, it’s easier to make a decision off a gut feeling rather than looking at the facts. Big red flag in the SocMed Marketing Industry today”

In conclusion influencer marketing is a great marketing tool that if it’s used right it can delivers amazing results that no other media can compete with but if it’s done badly then it’s going to perform bad as well, the main point is to look at the influencer, the content they creates and audience that follows them.

If you need help with that feel free to contact and they will be glad to give you free consultation on your campaign and don’t forget to signup and build your brand or agency profile and start your influencer marketing campaign.

Homam Alghorani

Homam Alghorani

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His recent venture is ROCKSTARS.MEDIA an online influencer marketing platform/marketplace that connects influencers and brands.