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Hey there ! I’m Kirtan Soni, a photographer and comedian based in Singapore. I am 17 and my followers are mainly people from 15 to…

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I am 21 and I like to create content around fashion , lifestyle and beauty

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My vision is to work with brands and promote them.

Plus size influencer spreading joy

I am an Architect-interior designer who turned into a homebaker. I have always had interest on fashion and photography. So Instagram has become my happy…

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☮®️oy_k🅰️n🅰️k☮🏴‍☠️ DoB:2001-09-03🎂 Scl: S. S. N. GAURAIPUR 🏫 Clg:A. H. S. S. S. 🎓 HOME: Sub. K. K. Roy House(gauraipur)🏡 Hobby: photography 📸 Jeppo lover🚬

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I’m traveler , fitness trainer , Garba academy owner , anchor

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Writer, 400K+ Content Views on Quora

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👑Turned my dreams into my vision,and my vision into my reality. Social media || Influencer

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