Influencers and KOL Marketing in Malaysia

Influencers and KOL Marketing in Malaysia

Influencers and KOL Marketing in Malaysia

There are more than twenty million Malaysians on the internet and with quick look at the term “influencer marketing” on Google Trends shows a steady upward trajectory. With the rise of social media over the past few years, influencer marketing became part of social media marketing and content marketing mix for connecting directly with consumers. Although it’s still new to the Malaysian market, it is definitely growing. With the higher statistic of time people spend online each year, it is certainly a medium to reach the younger audience in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, most companies and brands hire an influencer marketing agency to help them find the right influencers for their marketing campaign, negotiate collaboration rates, develop ideas and mechanics, and report and measure results. Sources: 6

Most brands and marketers focus on capitalizing on the hype of influencer marketing without considering the reasons behind the marketing efforts. So many companies in the US don’t even think about influencers and marketing that few plan and implement an influencer marketing program, often incorrectly, and treat it as a transaction or short-term initiative. Companies that want to invest in their marketing products and campaigns prefer to advertise through influences rather than the use of conventional media. Many PR agencies understand this in US. So when a company decides to do something with influences, it often outsources them to a PR company, which is fantastic for traditional PR, but goes badly wrong in terms of influential marketing. Sources: 3, 5, 14

Using influencer marketing to provide consumers with some kind of reinsurance would definitely have a positive impact on brand returns. The key to the future of Chinese influencers and marketing would no longer be how to select the right and powerful influencers, but how to motivate micro-influences to promote their brand in the low-budget new retail era. Check out our guide to find the best Instagram influential brands in Malaysia to help you get started with your influencer marketing strategy. Don’t forget to start your marketing strategy with the help of our expert advice, tips and tricks and best practices for success. Sources: 4, 5, 13

The first part of our series on influencer marketing can be found here. Marketing, which is in the second episode of the series: McDonald’s, Malaysia’s marketing director, KOL Marketing. Sources: 12

While Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the most popular social media sites in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam, Chi-Pu Tik Tok has embraced and amassed 379k followers on her account. Lauren Hallanan is a pioneer of the influencer movement in China, with over 1.5 million subscribers to the China-based messaging app that connects more than a billion people. She has appeared on BBC radio, writes regularly for Forbes and Jing Daily, and is the founder and editor-in-chief of Bloggers and Influencers (KOLs), with whom she works. Sources: 0, 8

This phenomenon seems to be working, attracting more and more curious crowds to the video site, who in turn make videos and share them on social media. In addition to the perspective of the followers, the commercialization of the KOL business has also contributed to the development and maintenance of the popularity of the Chinese Kol. By including China’s K OLs in your marketing strategy, you can increase the trust, visibility and awareness of your brand, which is important to consumers. This is highly effective because consumers see online influencers as a reliable source of information. Sources: 2, 10, 13

Brands love social media influencers because they can create trends and encourage their followers to buy the products and services they promote. Influencer marketing platforms are an extremely important element in building brand awareness and increasing brand credibility. Taobao Live is said to be an important part of KOL marketing, especially in Malaysia and many other countries. Although most companies want to create brand awareness by inviting social media influencers to product launches, staying in their hotels, eating in their restaurants, etc., mere presence at these events is not enough to generate revenue. Sources: 6, 7, 14

Brands involved in influencer marketing should take note of industry trends to fully strategize their campaigns. By taking note of influencers and marketing trends across Southeast Asia, brands can ensure that their marketing practices are culturally relevant and effective in that region. Sources: 5, 8

China has become one of the most popular destinations for KOL influencers in Southeast Asia, which allows them to create the top col in China. When brands are thinking about using KOL and influencers to promote to Chinese tourists, it is important to understand the travel industry in China and the current trends in the country’s tourism industry. China is becoming one of Asia’s most important markets, which has allowed the creation of a number of top influencers, such as the manufacturers of Top KOL in CHINA and other influencer brands in Malaysia.  Sources: 10

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