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Hello!!I’m Gaylen, a new media entrepreneur.Have you look upon the magazine and advertisement and wonder how do they get the endorsement from influencers like artists, sportsmen and industrial experts? Then again you’ll think of the worthiness of spending thousands even millions for such endorsement. Would the return on investment be worthy? Will my customer even be convinced by those celebrity faces?With the rise of social media, celebrity come and pass ever so quickly. Rumours and over exposure cast risks of audiences associating your products or services with them. Let’s face it, as a growing company in the shrinking economy it’s challenging to find effective means of marketing. It’s time to go new school, social media is the simple solution. However without proper setup, a social media campaign can be a huge waste of resources.I can help you in strategizing market penetration, online promotion campaign, offline promotion materials, copywriting, photography, talent endorsement, even financing. As of now, businesses are looking for approachable, everyday girl for convincing advertising. Subtle yet memorable and impacts messages that can increase their sales in a way the company can cope.Being with banking industry for more than a decade, I had the honour to work closely with a lot of great entrepreneurs. They helped me realize that my enthusiasm in promoting great products, and to convincingly persuade people is my talent. I’m just the front, behind me I have a network of talented people who I work closely to bring you the best result you can invest in.I sincerely invite you to go through my social profile and blog:

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