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The Brady Mentality™ "Is A Positive Productive Lifestyle. A Belief That Teamwork Truly Makes The Dream Work. It's A Focus On Helping Those Willing To Help Themselves. It's Peace-Of-Mind In Aligned Goals." MY MOTO: "You Can't Spell Be ReADY without Brady!

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I’m an Autodidactic leader-by-example. My failures help me succeed sooner. Ideas are easy, executing aligned goals guarantee time is not wasted. I strive to operate with the highest degree of professional integrity. I enjoy sharing my years of cultivated successes and failures to learn from and empower collectively.

16+ years of hands-on experience mentoring and managing Startups, Small-To-Medium Business and Enterprise Level companies in The Philippines, USA, and Global markets.

Tasked with guiding the overall development, implementation, management, scaling, and automation of strategic plans outlined to achieve revenue growth opportunities for the business, clients, partners, and vendor goals.

Entrusted with key leadership roles and responsibilities such as Country Manager, Director of Business Development, Head Of Operations, Client Services, Sales Marketing Manager, Program Developer, and Co-Founder.

Over two decades worth of fintech experience in financial and credit education starting with my first e-book and business at 18 years old. Educating my peers on what the school systems globally failed to teach us.

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