Influencer Marketing and Finding the Right Influencer

Influencer Marketing and Finding the Right Influencer

Influencer Marketing and Finding the Right Influencer

A new era.

In the past decade Social media has unlocked a whole new dimension in the digital marketing world that was revolutionary to the marketing industry. With the rise of Instagram models, TikTok celebrities, content creators and all sorts of influencers; many brands are being strategic on how to utilize the social media market to their advantage, thus any endorsement or a recommendation from an influence who’s an expert in their field is highly trusted by their audience. And that’s why it works. Unlike any other ad you casually skip on youtube or your Instagram story, the post from the influencer on their feed has a premium value that acts as a proof for the followers. Therefore, those public figures have a huge influence on the market, hence the term Influencer Marketing.

Why is influencer marketing becoming popular?

The term itself had an increase in search of 1500% on google. Why’s that?

People are becoming increasingly immune to the cliché ads that they see, whether on TV, Internet, banners, etc; which is why the conversion rates are relatively lower. On the other hand, 89% of the marketers surveyed that adopted Influencer Marketing have seen a tremendous increase in the ROI and found it to be much better or comparable than other channels. In very simple terms, people buy when they trust. And they trust influencers on their feeds. But why? Well, other than the fact that to their audience the content is, authentic, relevant, relatable, and aesthetic, they are highly popular.

This is all interesting to know but how big is the influencer marketing industry getting? And how is it likely to head in the upcoming years?

Influencer Marketing Market Size

$15 billion, that is how much the influencer marketing industry is set to grow by 2022, which is almost double what it was worth in 2019 according to Mediakix data and studies. There are multiple factors that were participants in this dramatic increase of the market size.

  • Marketers are setting a much larger budget for influencer marketing as there is a promising ROI.
  • The number of users on Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat are simply increasing.
  • The industry is adjustable to change and quite dynamic.
  • The exist of range from non-mega influencers such as nano and micro influencers.

You might be wondering what the dominating sectors in the market and that’s useful information to understand the nature of the influencers marketing audience.

According to the Influencer Marketing Benchmark report that was done 2020 which is by far the largest, this chart displays which sectors are currently dominating the industry.

Now that we have some idea about influencer marketing and how big it is, what are the challenges that brands face when it comes to their strategies on it?

Finding the right influencers

If it was all that simple and easy then all brands will just hire any influencer to endorse their product or service, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. According to the marketers’ answers in the survey that was mentioned earlier, 85% found that it was very difficult or had medium difficulty in finding the right influencers. And that is no surprise since there would be a need to a magical place that delivers the perfect influencers with their analytics for your brand. But you might think there has to be a platform that facilitates all the tedious processes and perhaps help brands find the right influencers effortlessly. And you might be right, there is. ROCKSTARS.MEDIA. A platform that believes in the power that influencers have and dedicated to allow brands discover talents that is inline with their values.


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