Micro Influencer (10k+)


A man of culture that truly loves his anime. I do funny and relatable content base on anime or the Japanese culture. I really do love making videos and hope one day... one day that it will all pay off

Roman Trubitsyn

Comedian. Been working with various brands: NEA, Ice Mountain Water, NTUC

Nisa Bakri

Hi I a self taught chef. I have 50 k plus followers on my Instagram and 20k plus on my facebook. I am author of my cookbook I AM NOT A CHEF . I am a TV host of my cooking show SELERA NISABAKRI. With 6 years in the F&B industry, a public figure as well, I only promote quality products. I will try it and will promote it honestly as I do not wi...

Alicia Cho

🌟Finalist  👩‍👧‍👦🐶Mummy,  🎬 Freelance Talent/ Livestream Host 🇸🇬 📝 Lifestyle. Parenting. Food.

Madi IG

Hi. I am a micro influencer on Instagram I do brands promotions on Instagram, recently I collaborated with Huawei, maxis , Celcom , Adidas and few other Brands. Is there any way we can collaborate? Thank you

See Yee Ann

Lifestyle and beauty influencer

Syafiq Shahrom

I’m food influencer also TV Presenter. Doing short video on food product review, how to use and simple way to coom. Encourage those dont know hoe to cook to cook by themselves

Sasya Nair

Pm me for paid review/collaboration