Best influencer marketing platform in Asia

Best influencer marketing platform in Asia

Best influencer marketing platform in Asia

In this article we will tell you why is the best influencer marketing platform in Asia including Malaysia and Singapore

ROCKSTARS.MEDIA is an online influencer marketing platform that started as an experiment during the COVID-19 lockdown in April 2020 and it was soft launched on 24th May 2020 to influencers to sign-up and recently it started accepting brands and businesses sign-ups.

During this short period of time, it gain a lot of traction, more than 130 influencers signed up, few businesses and brands as well and couple of campaigns were launched, also some media and blogs noticed it’s uniqueness and wrote about it (You can check the list at the end of the article) and it ranks about 250k in Alexa ranking.

Now let us tell you why rockstars.meia is the best influencer marketing platform in Asia

It’s trying to do things differently wants to take influencer marketing beyond lifestyle products, it wants as many content creators, influencers, sectors and businesses to take advantage of this great platform and build win-win relationships.

It helps brands

Not only by connecting brands and businesses to real genuine influencers and KOLs but also by saving them a lot of time and money by higher conversions, transparency, very low commission (10% only), no hidden fees and complete online and instant self service influencers marketing platform.

No subscription fees

No ridiculous monthly fees as most other platforms, no high commissions as most marketing agencies and no hidden fees of any sort.

It helps content creators and influencers started with a believe to help creative content creators and nano/micro influencers to continue do what they love and find a way to monetize their passion, in fact the platform started during the pandemic to help those who lost their main source of income to become influencers and monetize that. The platform also doesn’t charge the influencers any subscription fees, it just charge small commission (17%) on successful transaction only.

It’s an under-dog

Unlike it’s well funded competitors was founded by a solo founder Homam Alghorani who was once a content creator and also a business owner who tried to use influencer marketing, so he understood the pain of both sides and who wanted genuinely to help both businesses and influencer by creating a better, faster and more coinvented influencers.

It has real filtered and verified influencers

Unlike it’s competitors all influencers, KOLs and content creators has signed up for the platform, doesn’t use bots and crawlers who scrap the social media platform and generate profiles and just give you the contacts and let you deal with manually contacting each one of them but also it gives the brands and businesses full control to create their campaigns, set prices and receive proposals from it’s influencers then carry a secure transaction over the platform protecting both the brand and influencers and making sure both side deliver at their end.

Multiple platforms

It supports Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and blogs with plans to support podcasts as well

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Get To Know Homam Alghorani, Founder Of Rockstars.Media

Homam Alghorani

Homam Alghorani

Author Since: April 18, 2020

Serial entrepreneur who gain some wisdom by having many startups with different levels of success and failures. He has been called "The Hologram Man", Crazy, "CEO Chief Everything Officer" and "The AI Evangelist".

He was awarded ITEX2009 GOLD AWARD for Best invention and ITEX2009 SPECIAL AWARD for Corporate Invention also NTT Com Startup Challenge Finalist and chosen as one of the most 100 inspiring LinkedIn icons in Malaysia.
He is living between Singapore and Malaysia .

His recent venture is ROCKSTARS.MEDIA an online influencer marketing platform/marketplace that connects influencers and brands.