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Influencer Marketing Platform and Marketplace Connecting Influencers and Brands


ROCKSTARS.MEDIA is an online platform connecting social media nano, micro and macro influencers with brands.

The idea came when the founder Homam Alghorani was back to Malaysia and stuck in the country COVID19 lockdown he noticed that many people were complaining about being bored at home and also many had lost their main source of income and they turned to social media and the internet to entertain themselves and also to come with side income, that’s when he knew it’s now the best time to start working on his idea of the influencer marketing platform but with a twist.

So he spent most of his nights sitting behind his laptop all night coding this platform that will make anyone an influencer and can get paid for promoting and recommending products and services on their social media accounts as long they have more than 1k followers. and that’s how ROCKSTARS.MEDIA was born, it is like fiverr.

Check how it works by clicking here.